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How to fill NPS account opening form: Get your offline application ready with supporting documents

In the blog post, we look at the procedure for investing in NPS account offline by submitting filled NPS form and supporting documents at a POP branchThis is applicable for new joiners looking to invest in NPS Tier1 or a Tier 1 plus Tier 2 account. Please note that unless otherwise stated, the contents of this post are relevant to the All Citizens Model.

We have done a series of posts on applying for NPS accounts, which you may find useful

Opening NPS account at POP

Network of POPs

To open your NPS account offline you need to submit a completed application at any convenient POP or POP-SP. POP-SP or POP Service provider is another name for a POP branch. To know more about POPs, you can visit the NPS scheme details post.

Around 85 major financial institutions have been registered as POPs. This number is subject to additions and deletions. You can find the latest list of POPs  by using these tools on the CRA website:

Getting your NPS application ready

A completed NPS application consists of the following:
  1. Filled Subscriber Registration (or account opening) form (with any relevant annexures) 
  2. Self-attested copies of supporting documents. Applicants should also carry the originals of these documents with them to the POP-SP for verification.
  3. The first contribution amount together with a filled NCIS or NPS Contribution Instruction slip
We look at each of these 3 steps in detail in this post

Filling the NPS account opening form

There are multiple subscriber registration forms to open NPS Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts depending on the nature of the request. We summarize the different forms and where they are applicable in the table below:

List of the different types of NPS account opening forms

CSRF is the relevant form for new joiners to open NPS Tier 1 or Tier 1 plus Tier 2 account. We discuss the Common subscriber registration form and its annexures in the post. We discuss the NSRF form in the post on How can NRIs open NPS account. Annexure S10 is discussed in the post on How to open NPS Tier 2 account.

Where to get the CSRF form

CSRF form can be easily downloaded from the CRA websites, using the following links:
Shown below is a snapshot of the CSRF form from NSDL. The form may be updated from time to time so your downloaded version may look different from the snapshot.

Screenshot of the NPS Common Subscriber Registration Form (CSRF) for opening NPS account

If you do not have online access to the subscriber registration form, you can also collect it from nearest POP-SP branch.

How to fill the CSRF form

Sections 1 to 6 – Personal Details

In the first 6 sections, the subscriber has to fill various personal details such as name, date of birth, mobile number, email address, permanent address and mailing address. The key here is to remember that all filled details should exactly match the details in the proofs that you will submit

Section 7 – Bank Details

In this section, you need to fill in the account details of the bank account that you want to link to the NPS account. This is the bank account to your NPS funds will be transferred in case you apply for withdrawal (For more details, visit the NPS withdrawal rules post). You will notice that in the bank details section you have to fill some information like Bank MICR code and IFS code which might seem unfamiliar. However, these details can be easily figured out from your bank check. 

Section 8 – Nomination Details

In this section, you need to fill details of your selected nominee, to whom the outstanding pension wealth is payable in case of demise before withdrawal. NPS lets you select up to 3 nominees. However, the section only allows you to input details of one nominee. To choose additional nominees you will need to fill Annexure 3 (Additional nomination). We discuss Annexures in the next section.

Section 9 – NPS options

In this section, you can specify:
  • Whether you want to open the Tier 2 account in addition to the Tier 1 account: If you want to invest in NPS, opening Tier 1 account is mandatory. Opening the Tier 2 account is optional. In case you choose to open a Tier 2 account together with the Tier 1 account, you will need to fill Annexure 1 in addition to the CSRF form. 
  • Whether you also want to print your PRAN card in Hindi: In this case, you will need to fill Annexure 2 also  

Section 10 – Investment Details 

In this section, you need to specify how you would like your money to be invested i.e. whether you want to go for the Auto-choice or Active-choice options, the asset allocation, etc. We have done a detailed post on NPS investment options which you can check to answer these questions. 

It is important to select the Pension Fund Manager in this section. Failing this, the NPS application will be rejected. However, in case you do not fill the rest of the section, your funds will be invested according to Auto-choice LC 50 option.

Sections 11 and 12: Declarations 

Final two sections are on declarations for understanding the terms and conditions, money laundering and FATCA.  For the FATCA declaration, if you are an Indian citizen, born in India and also an Indian resident for tax purposes, then you have nothing to worry about. But in case you are a US person or one of your country of birth/citizenship/tax residency is not India, then you will have to provide your Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN)  from the specified country. 

Annexures to the CSRF form

The CSRF has 3 annexures which can be filled for special purposes:

Annexure I – Activation of Tier 2 account: 

This annexure needs to be attached in case you want to open a Tier 2 account together with the Tier 1 account. (It is also possible to open the Tier 2 account at a later stage. However, in that case, you will have to fill a separate application – Annexure S10. We discuss these methods in the post on How to open NPS Tier 2 account).

The following details need to be filled in the Annexure:
  • Pan card number: This is mandatory for opening the Tier 2 account
  • Subscriber’s bank details, nomination details, and scheme preference: NPS allows a subscriber to have different bank accounts, nomination and investment preference for their Tier 1 and Tier 2 account. Hence you need to input these details again in the Tier 2 annexure. Your choices can be similar or different from what you have input in the main form.
Annexure 1 (Activation of Tier 2 account) can be downloaded from the following links on the CRA websites:

Annexure II - Additional request details

This is not a very important annexure and needs to be attached in case you have to submit some additional details. In particular, it allows for:
  1. Submitting a longer Father’s name which cannot fit in the main form
  2. Submitting a longer Mother’s name which cannot fit in the main form
  3. Submitting details in Hindi, in case the subscriber wants the PRAN card to be printed in Hindi
Annexure 2 (Additional Request Details) can be downloaded from the following links on the CRA websites:
Alternatively, the Annexure can be collected from the POP-SP

Annexure III - Additional nomination form

In this annexure, you need to fill the details of the additional nominees in case you wish to have more than one nominee. The form allows you to enter the names of up to 3 nominees and the percentage share that you wish to allow each one of them. 

Percentage share value for all the nominees must be integers. Sum of percentage share across all the nominees must be equal to 100. If the sum of percentage is not equal to 100, the entire nomination will be rejected. However, the full application will not be rejected.

Annexure 3 (Additional Nomination Form) can be downloaded from the following links on the CRA websites:
Alternatively, the Annexure can be collected from the POP-SP

KYC documents for NPS application

The filled application form has to be submitted together with two copies of supporting KYC documents. The copies of all these documents need to be self-attested and you should carry originals with you for verification at the POP-SP.

The following types of documents are needed:

Proof of identity

The following are accepted as proofs of identity:
List of documents acceptable as proof of identity for opening NPS account

Proof of address 

If the address on the document submitted as proof of identity is the same as the address declared by the applicant on the form, then no separate proof of address is needed. If the proof of identity document does not contain the address or if the address on that document is different from what is declared in the form then a separate proof of address is needed. Also if the applicant has specified different permanent and mailing addresses then they need to submit proofs of address for both.

The following documents are accepted as proofs of address: 
List of documents acceptable as proof of address for opening NPS account

Proof of date of birth

If the date of birth is mentioned in the documents submitted for proof of identity/proof of address, then no separate proof is needed. Else you can submit any of the above-mentioned documents which contain your date of birth.

Proof of bank account

Please attach a canceled bank cheque containing the subscriber's name, bank name, bank account number, and IFS code. If such a pre-printed cheque is not available, a copy of the bank passbook or bank statement or bank certificate or letter from the bank (which contains all these details) can also be submitted. 

Copy of PAN card 

This is specifically needed if you are also submitting an application for the Tier 2 account. PAN Card is not needed to open a Tier 1 account.

Submitting the first contribution

The final thing that needs to be submitted is the first contribution amount.  The minimum contribution amount for Tier 1 is ₹ 500 and for Tier 2 is₹ 1000. To make this contribution, the applicant will need to submit an NCIS (NPS Contribution Instruction slip) together with this payment amount. This payment can be made through cash, cheque or DD.

Cheque/DD should be drawn in favor of “POP (Name of the POP) Collection Account - NPS Trust” and crossed A/c payee only. This procedure needs to be followed for all subsequent contributions as well but since this is the application for a new account, you need to mention ‘New Application’ at the back of the Cheque or DD. If you are submitting contribution through cash then in case the contribution is greater than Rs 50000, you need to submit a copy of the PAN card together with the application.

We have attached a screenshot of the NCIS slip (from NSDL) here:

Screenshot of the NPS Contribution Instruction Slip (NCIS)

Applicants can download the latest copy of NCIS from either of the CRA websites
NSDL link to NCIS slip
Karvy link to NCIS slip


In this article, we looked at one part of NPS account opening: how to open NPS account by visiting a POP. If you are interested in knowing what happens after you submit the application, see our main post on this topic: How to open your NPS account: A broad overview. For other special cases of NPS account opening, visit How to open NPS account online, How can NRIs open NPS account and How to open NPS Tier 2 account.